A little background.

I bought an amp used, and after a few days it started to lose output, then be fine again, off and on when I'd hit a bump or such. Then it cut out completely and would only come on if I smacked the amps cover, but would go out agian with another bump. After a short while it just plain cut out. Got power, but no sound.

Tonight I cracked it open to swap out the rca connectors to see if that was the problem, and the 1st thing I see is that I have 5 components that have completely broken off from there legs.

I've been searching, but have had no luck finding replacement parts, or and suitable alternative. I was hoping that if I post the part numbers here, someone may know of a replacement part. here's the numbers:

FMG22S Sanken electric Ultra-Fast-Recovery Rectifier Diode Common Cathode configuration

FMG22R Sanken electric Ultra-Fast-Recovery Rectifier Diode Common Anode Configuration

The last one was FB31N20d, which I was able to find at digikey.
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what brand, model, and date dode do you have on this'?
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The amp is a vibe 1800d, not sure of the manufacture date, but I got it used in the summer of 2009. I found the chips online and am waiting on a quote, but would like to find a better replacement if I can, as from what I've read, these parts are obsolete.

I'm getting ready to grab an Re Audio xt1600.2V3, but want this amp for my other vehicle.
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