I will be starting the upgrade of my front stage in my car in the next couple weeks, and I wanted to sanity check (term used loosely) my design. Right now, I have (3) Selenium 6W4P midbass in each door, receiving 270 Wrms per door, and (7) Tang Band 1" extended range drivers in vertical arrays on my A-pillars, receiving approximately 100 Wrms per A-pillar. My setup sounds very clean and detailed, but I am in need of a lot more power for my mids and highs.

My new front stage will consist of (2) B&C 8NDL51 midbass in each door, receiving 720 Wrms per door. I have not decided if I am going to run the drivers free-air into the doors, or if I am going to run them in AP enclosures.

The A-pillars will consist of (4) Morel CAM-558 2" dome midrange and (4) Morel MDT-12 tweeters each. I will have 840 Wrms availible for each A-pillar, but will likely use only 700Wrms-ish. I want to do a vertical array with the midrange, firing straight across the dash, with the tweeters aiming at approximately 45 degrees into the windshield. I have time alignment for MB, MR, and highs, so that won't be an issue. Aside from the excess, does anyone see any major issues or complications with firing a vertical array of tweeters off the windshield?

The subs I am using are (3) LMS 5400 Ultra from TC Sounds in a 17.1 ft3 enclosure with a tuning frequency of 26 Hz. I am powering them with strapped Sundown SAZ3500D amps, running at 1.6 Ohms (.8 Ohms per amp). I measure DCR at exactly 2 Ohms when the coils are cool, so I am getting enough power to have some fun...

I have all the drivers and amplifiers. I just need to install them. I am redoing the entire front of my car, and I don't want to have to do it again, so any constructive, seasoned advice I can get is appreciated. The amps for the highs will be designated:

(2) USA 200 US Amps- highs (5K-20K)
(1) USA 2000 US Amps- mids (500-5K)
(2) USA 600X US Amps- Midbass (80-500)

I have pictures of the original install, and can post whatever is needed for visuals. If I can ever figure out how to upload images, that is... Thanks in advance!
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