hi, i am buliding a box using bass box pro 6,
I just wanted to know how this works, like when you go past 36ms the line fades or is it better to keep it under it,
I am running 4 orion hcca 15.4 with 4k to each of them, trying to get a good number on music with them,
any help would be great thanks
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ben jamin
for the most part box building programs will only give you a guide in the direction of what you want. getting loud or louder is going to be about testing and understand how the box you built reacts to the vehickle you have the box in.
i dont use bass box pro so i cant help you with that but if you want some other ideas try posting pics of your build along with whatever test data you have.
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I'm just going to say going with the hcca was a very smart move . But 4 of them yikes !
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