Hi I am a new user to the site and I have a quick question. I came across some vintage items some I know and have used and some not. Alpine 3321 11 band eq great item, alpine 3554 amp GREAT Sq... Then there was the subs brand new in the box M&M Godfather 15's never even been hooked up I know nothing about. If there is anyone out there that does let me know. They are in such perfect shape I cant tell the age and there isnt any dates on them!
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DD subs
These subs set world records back in the 87-90 eraof crank it ups, I think it was like a 153db on dash w/ a B&K meter. Power rating i believe is 500rms &1000peak which was ungodly back in that era. They should be a black cone,dust cap,w/ like a powder blue writing on them if I remember correctly. They were top of the line for that time frame, 2 of these on a old school punch 150 or autotek mean machine(Zed Audio)& you'll be respected in the streets!!!!
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