I've got a '98 pathfinder with stock stereo.

I don't have a lot of funds for this project, but isn't that what makes it challenging?

But I do have some spare parts.

I've got a Rockford Fosgate Punch 160x4 AMP (20W x 4 into 4 Ohm or 40W x4 into 2 Ohm) and a Soundstream DX5 crossover (Rear, Front Mono LOW RCA in/outs).

I'm thinking of two scenarios:

1. Leave the factory head unit (cd/tape) and get a line converter to plug into my Fosgate. Then buy a 12" sub and add some BASS to my system with a custom built encolure (maybe a tube or a horn?)

2. Get a new deck with pre-outs and run the same scenario as above. It would cost more, but I would be ready for changing out my stock speakers (I'm guessing 4 door speakers and the two tweaters on the front columns).

I'm guessing I would need to pay for a simple line to RCA converter and tie it in somehow to my amp. And I would have to find a more simple template and buy a good 12" to build it into.

Thoughts, suggestions?
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suburban noise
does she have the factory bose? if so its not gonna be too easy without starting from scratch and replacing the speakers.. let me know and ill give you whatever help you will need.
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i would do this first..replace stock hu.. prefer alpine myself but to each his own.. i would highly recommend the cda 9813 or 9815(2004? models)..price to features they simply can not be beat (ebay)

then run the hu power to you stock speakers. run new speaker wire..viola..all you pay for is a hu.. the speakers should have more output and will be much cleaner sounding and as long as you run new wiring to your speakers you will be ready for amps and avoid any bose related issues with your new system..
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