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Originally posted by Nightshade:

I am arguing the fact for the guys who run 159.9 though because I know what it's like needing a perfect start to try and do a class. What I'm saying in my defense is that pretty much every guy in 159.9 needs a perfect start to do his best number in that class and if he can do a 159.9 (of only a few can) the start still needs to be damn perfect to get there.

Some cars don't need a perfect start for a 59.9, like Clay's or ex bob Perillo van
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I know if i had perfect start i probally could do a decent score ,but i noticed on some of my bass race runs, if i get a late start i start at 139.9 then next segment i jump to a 140.1 then back to 139.9 in thrid segment why is that ?
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David McLean

quoteriginally posted by David McLean:
With all of that said, I have to agree that the differences in the systems is a problem. The best way to (currently) overcome this is to open up practice for a short period before a major event. Sam Horn was famous for allowing this.
This way you could get a feel for the delay.

Originally posted by Neill Barbar:
I for one will not subject my system to this abuse. Why should a competitor try and "practice" to overcome a variable which is not thier issue and should be corrected. Dbdrag racing would want competiors to attempt to predict an unpredictable varible?

David I realy dont see the logic in this. Your stating that dbdragracing knows there's a problem but would openly say "hey it's not our fault." and make competitors try and adjust to this at every venue?

I still dont see how practicing at an evnet would be a good idea.
Actually I stand by my original solution, as you really don't have to go balls out to practice for a red light.
Top Fuel funny car drivers do not do a 300mhp blast just to learn how to cut a tree do they?

Also, I feel it's important to mention that I do not, and did not mean to imply, that I speak for the dbdra.

I also believe that you are competing in the wrong class Neill. If I was competing in Bass Race, I would compete in a class that I can easily obtain a **9.9 in.
In other words, if the maximum I can score in a Bass Race run is 134.2, then I would compete in the 129.9 class. If the best I could score is a 158.6, then possibly I would be a good candidate for the 149.9 class.
Then I would not feel the need to cut the timer some close, because I have the horsepower to catch up if I get a little late of a start.

I think the problem primarily effects just a few guys that are trying to go for a peak score in bass race. Something the format is not intended to be.

With all of that said, you know I gots nothin' but love for ya Neill
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Neill Barber
I hear ya on that one David and if my concern was regarding a prefect score you'd be right on the money.

BUt as some others in this thread you kinda missed the point.

Who cares what the score is shouldnt the meter start the same every time at every venue?

Too many people are thinking this entire issue was with scores and it is by far not.

If you lose you lose but shouldn't the meter start the same on every meter every run?

And as long as I can do a 150.1 Ill be in 159.9. I may lose BC Im not loud but NO ONE should lose because the countdown on the meters are differnt at every venue. (BASED ON MY RECORD IN 159.9 PEOPLE SHOULD KNOW WINNING ISNT MY HIGHEST PRIORITY)

SHould we go back to mics? nope. we changed to sensors to level the playing field and make sure both lanes we consistant for a fair competition ANYWHERE in the WORLD. Well shouldn't the countdown timers be the same ANYWHERE in the WORLD?

IM sure if Wayne can adapt the pressure sensors for this there can be a modification or requirement for the software or operating system to resolve this issue.

Again try and take personal politics and scores out of this BC they are to me no part of the issue.

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