i'm building up my street max car for next year, and when i go thru the rulebook it says you can either have stock weather strip or you can use foam weather strip tape, but not both.

well my car comes factory with weather strip on the cars body and the door.

it is pretty messed up and leaking.

So my questions are:

do i have to remove both sets of factory weather strip if i plan on using foam tape?

i know the foam cant be more than .5 inch thick but how wide can it be? (.5 tall 1" wide?)

since my car comes factory with strip on the door and car body can i put it back in both places?

i need a judge to give me the answer that will not give me any trouble at any level of event

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dB Don
Your car comes with two set of weather stripping and you can use two that are similar and as close to factory.......BUT why not just order new weather stripping for your car?

With weather stripping we will be more aware of your car and will look for any places where you have put too much on to stiffen up the seal or anything that just don't feel stock, whether it be harder to close over factory etc....you have to be very careful with what you do but you cant let it leak water if this is your daily vehicle.

I would recommend ordering new seals but if you absolutely have to use factory replacement then take pictures or find pictures of the factory seal on the car such as a before and after picture.

If I may ask what make and model vehicle is this?
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200sx nissan 98
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thats why he wants to use the weather stripping. door seals for that car are waaaaay to expensive IF you can even find them.lolz
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Thanks lol i thought the idea was to seal better but still follow the rules
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never had my weather stripping checked ever at finals,
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ESP Challenge
TMH did at Dayton finals in 2010
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unreal sounds
just get a bigger person to set on your trunk. screw weather stripping
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