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pimpin at my house
jake dosent use glue he welds them together...
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For dust caps the E6000 or "Goop" works great -- we use an industrial glue that is similar to those two called SuperTacker 357. We user another variety called SuperTacker 352 on surrounds - it is black.

As for a CA glue replacement on thick beads -- 3M Scotch Weld DP420 Epoxy is fantastic. It is NOT compatible with CA glue -- for example, if the spiders are laminated with CA don't try to glue them down with DP420, they will pop off.

I am experimenting with some other 3M Epoxies on triple joints as well... but DP420 has proven to be very durable.
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Corey don't know jack! Lol. I have been using the e6000 and I tried to pull off cap....I killed cone to do it! W/ ca glue I just get same brand acuter and make sure the recommend it for my apps.
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