Glass City Sounds
i have a 1980 el camino im put 2 12's in the trunk i guess you would call it a trunk ? what class would i be in ?????
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if your running a single batt single amp probably street b or street stock
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it depends if that 'trunk' in the el camino is normally open to the rest of the vehicle. It might be considered a cut-thru job like a pickup truck.

I'm not familiar with ElCaminos so I could be way off here lol. I'm just thinking about what I assume the car looks like.
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Mike Fallon
The storage space in an elcamino is part of the cabin like a regular cab pickup truck.

There are no mods to gain that space so it is legal in any class that the equipment and experience dictates.

What other things are in the system?

Have you competed before?
Will the car be running?
What have you done to the rest of the cabin and car?
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