I am just wondering if a "battery box" is thought to be one of those black plastic boxes as seen in race cars ect or is it somthing I can make myself?

I am building an SS 3-4 with a wall and I am wondering if I can modify my spare wheel well so that it would be rectangle and hold the batteries?.

Seeing as the car is walled and the spare wheel well is way behind the B Pillar plus the floor is not considered to be part of the "skin" I can't see that it would breech any rules but I would like to have it confirmed by someone a little more oficial then myself.

So my question is, can I cut the floor of my car to fit batteries behind the b pillar in a walled car?


This was taken from the rules

6-10f Battery boxes located underneath the vehicle are acceptable provided they are located behind the plane that is defined in rule 6-2.
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Team DD Belgium - Dieter
you are correct, you can cut out the floor behind the b-pillar to place the batteries.
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in SS and Extreme this is allowed.

in SS-NW,StMax,Street,and Street stock it is not legal
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