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i currently use a kenwood bt945U, but in the past have always used pioneer, and never had any issues with those skipping-at least the newer models. my old alpine loved skipping when in the dash even in the high 140s.
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db xTc
My alpine cde123 or whatever skips like crazy at 149. I have to dampen and brace the dash some.

Also, I haven't tested RCA voltages yet, but for whatever reason my kenwood that I uses externally seems to meter higher. I am not sure if this is a coincidence or not.

Where can I get high quality test tone audio files to use on USB? Can I just load my db jams disc onto my Sansa fuze or iPhone? And does it meter as high? For some reason, song on my iPhone aren't as loud as cd, nor do they sound as good. I understand they are compressed audio, but is there a file format that is better?
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Some head units can read wav files (Pioneer) so there is no loss when putting music on a usb. Other head unit have to be mp3 (Alpine) so you have to rip them yourself at 320kbs for the highest quality possible. I don't see any difference between my usb and cd scores.
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For spl, i use the alpine 9807, my teammates use the alpine 9833,9835, 9887 and i use for street play and clarity the alpine iva-205 dvd double din, alpine comes equipt with great processing memory and its three 4volt preouts
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Pioneer deh-9800bt, this is one of the best units I've ever used. I have a 6 disc inline with it to keep from skipping. I also have an Alpine 9832 that I will use for big time spl events. I use it externally and mute roll.
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