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hello my friend jeff just got a 10 inch jl audio w7 woofer in a single ported box. and we realized that the subwoofer is 3 ohm and dose not sound to good on his amp. his amp is a performance technique 2000 watt he has it bridge to give out 700 watts rms. the sub sounds good but dose not go to laud. i was wondering what is the best amp i can possibly get for a single 10 w7 woofer. its 750 rms 1500 max power so any help will do great thanks
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the new Rockford Fosgate T1000-1bdCP would do a great job, as long as it's the CP(constant power) version. My buddy just put one on a 12w7 sealed, firing forward in a GS300 and it sounds great.
JBL's GTO1400-something would be good as well. Sorry, can't remember the exact model number.
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