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^^^^^you got junk all over....thought it was my shop lol
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Originally posted by pimpin at my house:
it looks the same except his has a 2nd thin bottom plate to cover up the onyx. all hc's are old motors. hc can be made into a nice spl woofer with a pole plug and stiffer suspention. the stock hc's only came with 1 stiff spider...
mine both originally came with dual soft spiders that were spaced out in between each other.

then after i blew those up I removed the spacer and reconed with single stiff spider and ran them for a season at 0.7 ohm off of an orion 2500d each. Then blew them up in a deathmatch

Now have reconed again with dual soft spiders but havet played them as of yet.

Theyre the first good woofers I ever bought and bought them with my first ever pay cheque so Ill keep them forever and hopefully just add more to the collection.
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pimpin at my house
his has a 45degree heavy cham on the top and bottom plate.

i used 4 layer flat wound copper clad alum voice coil and 3 stiff spiders. i test ran it with 2k freeair and it laughed...
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It has a silly was flexn cuz chicks were lookin
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