Hi Guys,

I'm new hear and its my very first post. Have recently got 2 new subs. The 8inch lanzars 300watts RMS each.

I currently have 2x12 Audiobhan subs 400watts RMS each and got the additional 2x 8inch lanzars to add to that.

Im wondering what is the best size box for these subs to work accordingly with what I already have?

I was thinking 2 separate sealed boxes made of 1inch thick MDF.

H:11 inches.

This gives me 0.8cubic feet of internal airspace..

The subs will be facing up as this is the only way I can have them due to the existing set up I have. I hope someone can give me a solution coz I've called up many UK audio installers and havent had much help in terms of them giving me box dimensions. The manufacturer mentioned to me to go no bigger then 1.5 cubic ft but I just dont have that kinda space in my boot

Max boot/trunk space I have is:
Length of boot/trunk:36inches
Depth of boot/trunk:13inches.
Height:11inchs (at the max - I dont want the subs making contact with parcel shelf)

I gathered that an 0.8cubic ft box would give me the right size for the subs to work well and aslo be able to fit in the limited space I have.

Can anyone confirm if I have the sizes right or suggest me a correct size?

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.8 sounds good but I personally wouldn't mix subs unless the 8" are for midbasses. 1.5 cubes would give a boomy response. BTW are they going to be ported or sealed?
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Hi mate,

Yh the 8's will be used as mids and I will put a switch on the remote for when I want the 8's playing.

I intend to keep em sealed.

Would 0.8cubic ft give me a good enough response to work well with the 12'2? I have restricted space as mentioned above so trying to squueze a small enough box in, yet big enough for the 8's to play.

Thanks for the prompt response.

(Do wish I hadn't ordered the 8's but now that I have em, I may aswell put em to use and get the best sound out of them - got em thinking it would add more bass
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Have you thought about putting the 8" in the doors? I run 1 8" Rockford-fosgate rfz in each door but I'm running them free-air of off a Zapco ag360. I run them from 40 - 180hz. They keep up with my Rockford-fosgate hx2 12" in the trunk ported. The Zapco is 40x4 and my sub amp 800 watts.
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