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Tor S Aamodt
Thanks Wayne.... 😎
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Dwight Walker
Well... I’ve been out of it since about 1999. I hope to start back someday and hit 180s by the time I reach 60.😂
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dB Drag Feldjaeger
Thanks Wayne.... 😎

...could be funny the next years in dB Drag Racing Europe 😎.....

Welcome back Tor !

RETIRED certified 4X Head Judge dB Drag Racing & Bass Race
dBDRA Staff Member/ Head Judge
World Finals Head Judge  &  European Finals Head Judge
     WF XI, XIII, XIV,                         EF '05, '12, '13

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Rbdbdrag here. Me and my dad used to run street classes. A few trunk cars and a crx over the years. 
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Hi Wayne! My username here used to be "sepp" registered in 2000. Now I can't login anymore because the email associated with that username is loooonngg gone.  
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Wow. I feel so sad. I didn't know anything about the new forum and don't think I got any information on it.


Oh well. TechSys is back, a year afterwards

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I used to compete from 99-05 around NE IL and SE WI and my old username was audiostylz but like another user my email associated with that email is gone. I'm back and would like to learn about what's changed over the last 15 years away from spl events. 
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