Hey guys I'm in a situation and I'd like some advice , I currently have 1 15L5 Dual 4 ohm and I'm trying to figure which way is best to hook it up.

Her's the problem I have a

MMATS D100HC - 1200Wrms @ 0.67 ohms
MMATS D700 - 700 wrms @ 1 ohm.
Kicker 1200.1 - 1200 wrms @ 1 ohm

should i purchase another 15L5 4 ohm and wire them to 1 ohm then use one of the above amps.

or should I just buy an amp that can play at 2 ohm- 1200 wrms and use the single sub. What's a good class D 1200 wrms 2 ohm stable amp to buy.
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I would use the 1200.1. I have seen 1500+ watts out of them, you can run them at .5ohm daily.
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yeah, go with the kx1200.1 run it at 2ohm until you can get a 2nd sub
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Master Yoda
I would have to say the MMATS D100HC - 1200Wrms @ 0.67 ohms it will be better for future use and if you plan on ever doing any kind of competeing it would have a better resale value.
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