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i want this float

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I got some shin pads for hockey... a Logitech Harmony remote for some HT system.. some art for my apartment... err.. some cologne..

I think that's it
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my gf sewd a button back on my pants, then wrapped them.
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dB Drag Feldjaeger
Band of Brothers 6Blueray Set... A weekend in the snow and some free days while my boss is in dubai....

I hate christmas...

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Originally posted by Conclusive:
My wife total lossed my Lincoln LS last Saturday but she was nice enough to pick me up a bottle of some nice car wax for Christmas.

Yes, she bought the wax 'after' putting the car in the ditch at 55 MPH.
When did you get your ls. I miss mine so much . That car was a pita to get loud
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some car stuff. shoes and clothes. normal things.
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