Wayne Harris
Please see the updated rule clarification for section 4-3.


Our judges felt this was necessary because of some problems encountered in Russia last year. Several competitors replaced their OEM windshields with windshields that were almost 1/2 inch thick. The judge did not allow these vehicles to participate in Stock or Super Street (except SSX) because if violates our “equivalent replacement” requirement. This clarification will prevent problems in the future.
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Kurt Nilson
What are the chances of a super street class where double windshield will be allowed without a lower frequency cap again? If this is not available you have basically made purchasing a European Terra or Panda derivative the only way to be competitive in these classes in the future. After losing 22 windshields last year I was glad to be able to move to super street x, it seemed a good place for vehicles like my Jeep and Andrew McCain's van. I know other high level super street competitors had also planned to move there due to glass issues for this coming season, but due to the lower frequency cap that won't happen now. This is both a safety issue and will deter competitors from entering super street classes in the future once a few more of the euro vehicles that hold smaller windshields are imported and scores continue to move beyond the threshold of domestic automobiles with stock glass. 
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Kurt Nilson
Derrick Haddock is very busy being hurt by this rule now as well. 
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augustijnen Peter
Wayne Harris , Kurt is asking you a question here

and you will not get an answer  , competitor questions will be ignored
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