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augustijnen Peter

so wintertires comes on top off all the other WF expenses
The one and only , back for more !!!!
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only now its changed to march , it would have been ok it was was held in september ????
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Originally posted by Stickan:
Originally posted by Kim:
In Sweden you only need it if it
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In Austria and Germany you only need winter tyres on snowy or icy road surface. Normaly the weather is good, middle of march
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Team NLC - Nicolas
And what about trailers ? In Germany, must I have winter tyres on the trailer too ? I have only 4 of the car ...

Buying another 4 for the trailer and just for one time :-(
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polo x
hi nico
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Team NLC - Nicolas
Hi Micha

thanks for this news, with that answer i am still for sinsheim
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