Pat A
I am installing a sony CDX-GT710 unit in my boat. I have 2 pairs of speakers inside the cabin and one pair outside. I'm thinking of wiring the 2 pairs in the cabin to the front channel and the outside pair to the rear channel and just use F/B separation to control the cabin and outside. Will connecting 2 pairs to the front degrade the sound or just volume? Would it help if I wire the fronts in series for left and right?
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if the speakers are 4ohm, you should NOT parallel two speakers on any of the channels, because that deck will overheat when seeing a 2ohm load. Series would be ok, but reduce the power output of the deck on those channels.
The proper way to do this would be to add an amplifier
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Hmm that just got me thinkin. I've never thought about what would happen if you try to hook speakers in parallel to a head unit. Just sayin
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