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dam right good post
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John ,as always your posts are accurate and sane...You have a point but i disagree in some parts.I just don't have the time right now.Be patient until the evening comes.
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Team Maxxsonics - John wrote:
You make some very good points and perhaps most have had some affect on attendance but perhaps there are some additional points that may have lead up to this point.

1. The Economy: gas costs have trippled since 2007, unemployment has trippled since 2007, car audio sales have been plummeting (for most companies) for the last 10 years and certainly since 2007.

I agree.And you may as well know that in my country things are very tough...But how in God's name will the postponement or even worse the abolition of db drag WF help the sport?Apart from the fact that Wayne might share the expenses and the obvious profit from the unified nationals how much more expensive will it cost to buy a web link in order to let other coutries participate in a Major international event?Unless someone thinks that ,once the strong competitors are out of the game there might be a chance for some dissapointed, lazy, trophy-hungry guys to participate and might have a chance of wining. I am not saying that all the US competitors are lazy, thank God for that, but a total of 5-10 or even 20 losers who are nugging and whinning every year in this forum are definately lazy and annoying and it is sad to say that they cause all the fuss...Nice one...

Team Maxxsonics - John wrote:
2. Good Manufacturers Support: Although there was not a ton of manufacturers supporting events in 2007, there were many more then and they were larger companies that provided trophies, raffles, door prizes, promoted the events on major web sites, hosted large events at the head quarters and created teams with ehtics and good sportsmanship rules that prevented team members from being key board commandos while being on the team and helped create new innovative products for all competitors and not just team members.

Good point there...Although i have heard about team member priviledges i have never experienced a special tip or a super dooper special product that i would have the priviledge to test first...Apart from a better price in the components and in the case of T3 audio a pair of TSNSs that JD sent me for free along with some recones, (Thumps up for Jonathan) i have always paid my gear that was 1000% commercially available.And trust me all the Greek competitors have done the same...No special parts for noone...I also know that most European competitors are paying for their gear and there is no "team support" in the narrow meaning of the phrase.I am saying that if somebody wanted to become a team member (Cactus sounds team for example) all he had to do was to buy some gear from Christoff and the support he would get was almost the same as the one the senior members were experiencing...
I had never had the opportunity to be an RF elite member for instance but as far as i know very few people outside the US had the advantage of becoming RF team members so i wouldn't know what Rockford did for their team members...The way i see it ,this issue has to do again with the US competitors who obvioulsy have to pay for their gear,and try to improve their score without any "external help" or any special supervision from the RD department of a big audio company...But that 's what dbdrag is all about isn't it? To test and be innovative...Innovation is the key to success the way i see it...So why exclude some realy hard working guys from their dream of becoming world champions?Where is the point in that?

Team Maxxsonics - John wrote:
3. Bad Manufacturers support: Too many little start up companies giving away products in attempts to buy tropies and records, not managing teams and requiring good sportsmanship at events and on-line, arguing with top companies that have given support for many nears not just many months....they were a big part of discouraging supporting maufacturers from wanting to help..many are now gone or are floundering around and not really contributing to the sport as a whole.

You may know better ,but let me remind you that ever since a big company sees no profit in supporting a format it is more wiser for them to withdraw from it...And in the case of dbdrag, once the game began tougher and tougher and some small companies promoted some spl dedicated gear the big companies refused to follow...That was the hole idea... "No profit in producing some eg monster amps for 50 or 100 lunatics who demand everything.So why bother afterall?
Now see what is happening nowadays...Where is Rockford or Kicker or Orion?Can you blame dbdrag competitors for trying to be louder?Don't the judges always say "adopt or retire? Guess what,the choices the former major car audio companies decided to do years ago were the key to their failure and look where they are now...I think you have to face it that dbdrag is now conquered by "small" companies that have adopted and dedicated their existance to spl...

Team Maxxsonics - John wrote:
4. Lack of car audio organisations support and participation: Look around this you see pictures of events, congratulation posts, friendly rivalry posts and challenges?..nope, they are all on individual web sites, facebook and personal web pages which means they are not here on this forum so everyone that comes here can see and comment which builds community and friendships...even new friendly rivalries, when questions are asked about rules, event information, World one from dB Drag answers, judges usually dont one here helps. I used to come on here and there would be 20 new posts prior to a big event and 50 new posts after the event and 98% positive posts about who did what, how much fun was had and people congratulating each other whether they won or sure was fun and it was enjoyable to be here.

Social media is ripping the forums, i tottaly agree. It sucks but it's the way of the future...So...ADOPT haha...

Team Maxxsonics - John wrote:
5. Then, multiple Finals destinations happened (perhaps too many?): I think that in order to be a World Finals, you need to involve the world but it cant include simply every country that wishes to have one in there own back have to look where the largest participation comes from and choose the top 2 or 3.
Lagistically, it is a nightmare to run an event from 3 differant countries with huge time zone differances but it can be done. If you decide to do so, you must have all of the technology and equipment to to so and ensure that it can be done correctly...if it can not be, then dont just makes it suck for every one involved and opens the door for massive complaining..if you cant do it right...dont do it at all.

Now don't tell me that you have to reinvent the wheel in order to have a multivenue event...Is it so sophisticated?
According to the"time difference" mr Donald mentioned, the problem has always been at the European side...Specifically this year the competitors in Germany had to wait until 4 am to compete with the US champions,but i didn't see any European guy complain about it...On the contrary Donald mentioned it as a major issue...I wonder why...

Team Maxxsonics - John wrote:
6. Here we are today: because all of the above, we are now left with a skeleton of an organization with little effort from the DBDRA and manufacturers to correct the issues, we have nothing left but to start blaiming each other and bickering over rules as though that will make you feel better... This is what happens when participants in an organization are not given proper leadership, direction and the tough decisions are left unanswered..
It's like a company with no bosses...bad things happen.

Now, these are of course just my opinions and the way I have seen from a manufacturers point of view as well, there are many more contributing factors but these are the important ones as i see it.
I dont have all the answers for sure but I know how to right this listing ship but unfortunately, the captain, first mates and others would need to help..

In order to make things better in the future, you must look at what made them better in the past!

I tottaly agree.

Mr Hebig the trunk class is a tottaly new class so i guess you don't have nothing from the previous seasons to compare with.You will have to wait until October to determin if you will finally have more competitors in the Finals if there is going to be any WF...Apart from that, what was by the way realy easy to answer?
And finaly what truth are you talking about that i need to say and i don't? I have said what i was thinking nothing more nothing less...
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I'm volumes competitions since 1999 in various national formats.
After many years I've decided in 2012 to build in the premier class of the DB Drag a competitive car.
I've put a lot of money since January 2012 in my car, I built 5 Box and over 250 test burps behind me and working very hard.
DB Drag is a global standard format, with the same measurement system and rules.
But what I have read here since the beginning of the year, makes me rather sad and makes me go by the loss.

After half a season is still being discussed at the ruls, and now it says there will be no world championship.

DB Drag sport is the one and only wolrd wide format, and a worldwide sport needs a world championship!
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