Can the appropriate people clarify a couple of things.

This years events which are considered 4X events in the month of October in various parts of the world are they going to be their OWN continent FINALS only ?

Does that mean that there will NOT BE a World Finals CHAMPION ?
Does that mean that there will ONLY be North American Champion, European Champion and South American Champion ?

I ask because as it looks thats the way it going to be for the Euros and South Americans...... HOWEVER for North America it looks that they are vying for WORLD CHAMPION status..... can there be clarification on this ?
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dB Don
That would be a question for Wayne but if I speak to him this week or next I will ask. There are other formats at the show who are having it as their world finals so that might be the reason for world finals in the advertising. I would expect since each dB Drag finals is having their separate Continental, National, North American, etc...... finals then the world champ would be determined by the leader board after the fact. But let me get some info on this for you ok.
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Wayne had said some time back that it would not be a true world finals this year. If this is still the case I'm not sure. Perhaps they are still 4x events points wise but as far as "worlds" perhaps not.
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unreal sounds
will i have to leave my car at the venue. i was told that in the past competitors had to leave them in the venue overnight just trying to figure out travel plans thanks for the help
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yes you have to leave your car at the venue
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