So i dont really know what to think, i dont know the situation.


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loud tercell
This thread is good i and intresting cant wait to see what others think.
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I have no problem with it. Nowhere does it say the car has to be in your name. If he got the required points in it for finals then he could have used it. BTW a yugo is loud but it's not a panda.
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The Repo Man
Looks like a bunch of BS to me.

Borrowing a car to set a certified score is a lot of what is wrong with the sport today.

Cheating in a class like street stock that is supposed to be the ground floor for new competitors at a time when we lack having new people involved with the sport is just a douchebag move and I think the guy should be banned from competition.

Make an example of him Wayne.
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ok ok just to clear all the Bs up you are hearing what happend from My mouth not some one that is pissed off because his boy was not there but could do Our #.

Ok we did our home work for 2009 and found out that if the yugo was not a panda like car and for sure was no crx.

My old team mate went and bought one. same car as mine. and he had trouble getting it over the NH border.

so we had a few big shows comming up and did some research and found out he could use a Team Car.

Yes my yugo can be used as a team car AS LONG AS YOUR NAME AND THE FELLOW TEAM MATES NAME HAS TEAM IN IT with the rest of the name as well and they do.

this was told to us from Wayne And BILL AND ERI.

so we did it to the books like every one has to By the books.

so dont get pissed of for us doing somthing we knew we could do and do to the books.

Loud Tercell I told ya this in Pm and also in a other post here but its cool it got draged out know I can post how ya found out from me Thanks Bro for not disrespecting me like ya did in the other post on Team asshole spl fourm.

here is where ya found out he used My car and just to help ya with getting your story straight I never used his car he used mine.
Here is the link how ya found out happy reading its long but well wourth it knowing the real deal So bro i say to you get your story stright Thanks.

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Mike is a nice guy and I'm sure they just did what 90% don't, read the rules.

I'm tell you what will happen to Street Stock this year, the opel (chevy) corsa (mostly from Brazil) will beat all others, until some other car get enough "SPL R&D". The corsa car can be louder than CRXs, and about at that matter, I see no sense banning the CRX since another car is even louder (I'm talking about 160dBSPL in street C)
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Bottom line is... it wasn't cheating and people just assume they know what the rules are in order to bitch and complain about something that isn't even a problem.

Was it entirely ethical? Maybe not.. but there sure as hell is a lot worse going on compared to this.

As for this being a "Panda variant" it absolutely is not. Do some research before you start to make claims.

It's very close to a Panda but it's based on a different model of Fiat.
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