"This bill is a first step of many that this government is taking to reduce the control of the state over decent, law-abiding people and hand power back to them. With swift Parliamentary approval, we aim to consign identity cards and the intrusive ID card scheme to history within 100 days." - Teresa May (someone really important in the UK) and that's a real quote btw, not one of my usual lol

well, the quote pretty much sums it up. the article is an interesting read, though. the national ID/biometric card system only lasted about a year. As soon as the legislation goes through, all records will be physically destroyed. That "first step of many" part has me curious. What else are they considering to change back?

I was really pleased to read that. I'm glad they're stepping away from the world-war-era "for the greater good" philosophy more toward individual rights/freedom. I wonder,though, why the sudden change?

and the following article is the other side of the story, from someone who wants to keep the system: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/magazine/8707112.stm
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