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Neill Barber
Nice to see someone else with the powerbass XA4000's.

Love those amplifiers.

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Ron caravan man
HELL OF A SCORE MAN! Congratulations!!! I hope you continue to push the limits!!
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Congrads on the score,
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Team CNSS-Deron
Nice score! Makes me want come out of retirement! J/K Keep up the good work.
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Thanks guys
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Originally posted by MR.T3:
Congratulations Andrew.
You are a class act guy, and were an asset to T3 while we had you. If there was anywhere I would have gone as well, it would be to DD.... I was a DD man as a competitor as well back in my day....
My apologies for dropping the ball with you over the past year..... It has been a rough road, but looks to be all clear now.
If I could only be so lucky, maybe I can earn you back my friend.

Best of luck in the future!

BTW: My first post in 14 months I think!
you have not done anything or made any effort to "earn us back" and that's very very sad to see this type of business practice where you take advantage of people like us for years. you dropped the ball as you stated .i have done that countless times during my life. having character and honor is making it right. that you haven't.

you do make a good product. i wish your business practices and honor were ..........
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